Legendas 9JKL S01E04

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9J, 9K and 9L

Comédia baseada numa fase da vida do ator Mark Feuerstein, quando ele vivia no apartamento 9K, no mesmo prédio onde ele cresceu e flanqueado pelo apartamento 9J, aonde moravam seus pais, e pelo 9L, aonde moravam seu irmão, cunhada e bebê recém nascido. E todo mundo se metia na vida dele.

Josh is a new divorcé and actor between projects who moves home to New York to regroup—and into an apartment sandwiched between his parents and his brother’s family. As he gets back on his feet, he’s faced with his most challenging role yet: being a good son and brother while keeping his relatives at bay. As they literally come at him from both sides, he realizes he desperately needs to establish some ground rules, because his loving family is always going to be there for him. Always.

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